About us

About us

Company Profile

Gama Trading & Contracting Company was established in Alexandria to contribute to the mega projects in the Arab Republic of Egypt, the Arab world and Africa in the fields of electromechanical works, electrical works and mechanical works serving all fields.

Gamma Trading & Contracting Co. relies on engineers and technicians to provide the best services and contribute to the development of the contracting and electromechanical sector.

And partners of a large number of European and American companies in the systems of electromechanical HVAC - AUTOMATION SYSTEMS - BMS - FIRE ALARM & FIGHTING

Our Goals

Believing in the important role played by the contracting business, our goal is to complete the various activities and activities of the company according to the schedule of the highest quality and efficiency necessary to satisfy our customers.

With constant follow-up to all new developments in all areas of performance and tools and mastery of all work completely, which allows us to excel in all the permanent activities of the company because of the importance and seriousness of the role of the work of contracting as a key pillar supporting the activity of other projects, Especially.

Which we have been able to build and maintain during the years of experience of the company and witnessed by all the departments of the projects that we have done, which work accurately and efficiency so far, which strengthened relations between us and encouraged these departments to assign many of the company's work in the periods of these projects until now.